"Fire Walk With Us" (WW III/Mercenary Musik)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Aborym play black metal with industrial overtones and it makes for an interesting mix. What's nice about Aborym is that the music isn't 100% raging full-on black metal. The music is spliced with enough slower material and sections to give everything different paces to make it seem like all the other black metal bands vying for your consumer dollar. The industrial sounds enhance, rather than detract, from the overall effect of "Fire Walk With Us."

Aborym's industrial elements aren't over-the-top either as one might expect. The industrial sounds are more atmospheric in nature adding texture and color to the swirling black metal mayhem that surrounds the band. The nearly hypnotic "Love The Death As Life" gets high marks for crystallizing the band's unique style. "Sol Sigillum" and "Theta Paranoia" are instrumental tracks that, while decent in their own right,
would have been better as an intro/outro to respectively start and end the CD with. But it isn't all a bed of roses: unfortunately, the techno elements run amok on "Here Is No God S.T.A." which ends up sounding like a dance track with some black metal riffing over it. For more interesting twists, Aborym subject Burzum's "Det Som Engang Var" to their own twisted brand of black metal. 

Atilla Csihar, who had a stint in Mayhem, uses a variety of typical black metal screams, but also utilizes atypical chanting for a neat effect. The title track is a good example of how the vocals are stretched out to their maximum utility without resorting to mediocrity. 

One might think that Aborym have a lot in common with ... And Oceans, but that is simply not the case. Aborym stands on their own with their unique take on the black metal style. Fans of black metal looking for something a little different would certainly get a kick out of "Fire Walk With Us," but most fans of metal would be lost on what the band is trying to achieve.

Overall, the production leaves a bit to be desired, but remains true to the under-produced effect preferred by most black metal bands. 

Aborym is Attila Csihar, Sethlans, Malfeitor Fabban, and Nysrok SS. 

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