"Disturbing the Peace" (Capitol; 1985)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Graham Bonnet has a knack for finding great guitar players, making them shine and then somehow letting them go. Heís sung for many talented musicians -- I guess he just lacks the qualities to keep them in his company. Some singers would have loved to have had his pipes twenty five years ago but, as time fades, so do the projects that he was involved in. ďDisturbing The PeaceĒ is one that has all but faded away long ago. 

Even Steve Vai, who played on this vinyl Titanic, couldnít save it. After a few spins it starts to sound like the fallen branches from Vaiís career, e.g. his stint with DLR, Whitesnake and his debut solo disc.

Grahamís voice sounds a bit campy after awhile and at times is almost goofy. He and Vai share writing credits and Iím sure Vai would like to take an eraser to some of this stuff. It's his discography and I've never heard him wax about how much fun this project was, anyway.

The songs here are a time capsule of 1985 and since metal was dawning at that time a trip (and fall!) down memory lane probably isnít necessary. If you are a rabid fan for anything Vai then this disc probably has your fingerprints on it already. If you value Bonnetís contribution to metal then pick it up for that reason only.

No cuts beg to be listened to more than once, so Iíll let you decide if you want to pursue this release or not.

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