"Captain Morgan's Revenge" (Napalm; 2008)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Ay, maties, are you ready to walk the plank to a double bass drum beat? Well, Scottish pirate metal troupe (yes, you read that right) Alestorm sure hope so, as their 10-track release, "Captain Morgan's Revenge," brings the wares of piracy to the metal realm. 

Sounding like a cross between Children of Bodom's keyboard-heavy extreme metal and the folk metal leanings of bands like Finntroll, tracks like "Terror on the High Seas" contain metal's foundational pounding rhythms while "Of Treasure" uses old world instruments to convey a Celtic-esque vibe and "Wenches and Mead" firmly insert tongue in cheek to a Three Inches of Blood-like stomp. 

While the motif grows weary after a few spins, Alestorm's contribution to the oddities section of the metal genre fits right alongside those experimenting with the tradition of folk music amplified to 11. 

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