"Assassins in the House of God" (Victory; 2007)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Frothing at the mouth with the fervor of a rabid animal, stalwart hardcore troupe All Out War return to the scene as pummeling as ever on the 11-track "Assassins in the House of God."

This Upstate NY crew has had its share of ups and downs but, some fifteen years after their debut, this quintet sounds as focused and determined as ever to assist with your aggressive outbursts. Check the mid-tempo mauling of "Glorified in Deceit" or the old school German thrash vibe set off by "The Angels of Genocide" for a taste of the carnage these guys are capable of. 

Although All Out War are largely influential yet scarcely known, this new disc reaffirms the unit's position as unsung heroes of the crossover hardcore movement, and packs a wallop akin to Slayer, Kreator, and Madball that will leave you as all good metal should: bruised, bloody, and beaten. 

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"Condemned to Suffer" (Victory; 2003)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

All Out War's 1998 release "For Those Who Were Crucified" was one of the first CDs I reviewed for Rough Edge. While I thought that it was a fairly impressive introduction to the metal/hardcore cross-over sound I really didn't know how important it was at the time. In the intervening years I've gotten a full sense of the metalcore genre as it has come to be known. And certainly All Out War have earned their place within the genre's fans with their effort on "For Those Who Were Crucified." So it was with great anticipation that I waited (along with the band's numerous fans) to see how the new effort, "Condemned To Suffer," would turn out.

Certainly I am in a better position in 2003 than I was in 1998 to consider the merits of metal/hardcore cross-over bands. But that doesn't make reviewing "Condemned To Suffer" any easier. Five years between releases makes it hard to figure out what was going on creatively within the mind of creative force Mike Score (he's the only remaining member from "For Those Who Were Crucified").

"Condemned To Suffer" isn't as relentless as "For Those Who Were Crucified" -- and that's a good thing. "Condemned To Suffer" offers some refreshing changes of pace, but remains just as hard-hitting as you'd expect it to be. There are some nifty twists and turns without completely abandoning the metalcore genre's trademark style. The first time I listen to a CD by a band like All Out War all I can hear is hardcore, more hardcore, and even more hardcore. But after a few spins I begin hearing more of a metal influence which is comforting to my ears.

With regards to my overall listening choices "Condemned To Suffer" will probably be in the same position that "For Those Who Were Crucified" is. "Condemned To Suffer" will see limited, but extraordinarily appropriate, listening as the years fold out before me.

"Condemned To Suffer" was produced by All Out War.

All Out War: Mike Score on vocals, Taras Apuzzo and Jose Segarra on guitars, Andy Pietrolungo on bass and backing vocals, and Jesse Sutherland on drums.

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"For Those Who Were Crucified" (Victory; 1998)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

This Poughkeepsie, New York based hardcore/metal band leans heavily on a multitude of metal-tinged hardcore riffs. The songs tend to be longer than the average hardcore song and also contain a patchwork of riffs and runs that give the music more of a metal flavor.

Even I agree with the band's description of their style being a cross between Slayer and Cro-Mags. This may be the best example of a hardcore/metal crossover band I've heard so far. The band has shared the concert stage with such varied acts as Deicide, Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, Earth Crisis, Sick Of It All, Malevolent Creation, Biohazard, Type O Negative, The Cro-Mags, Madball, and Life of Agony. That is the sort of wide-appeal the band is shooting for in the hardcore/metal communities - and for the most part All Out War succeeds.

The lyrics question the condition of the moral center of society without being too explicitly Christian. The vocals are clearly more hardcore in spirit. The vocals are delivered in a straight-forward screaming and shouting style that is also akin more to hardcore than metal. What the thirteen songs lack in variety they make up for in spirited delivery. All Out War pulls no punches when it comes to constructing rhythmically tight and pounding tunes. All Out War may just make a formidable name for themselves in due time. 

All Out War is perfect for metal fans, tired of the metal/rap hybrid, who are looking for music with a hard edge to it. 

"For Those Who Were Crucified" was recorded and produced by Steve Evetts; Evetts' production credits reads like a "Who's Who" of rap-core, hardcore, and metal (E-Town Concrete, Spitfire, Turmoil, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, Snapcase). 

All Out War is Mike Score on vocals, Taras Apuzzo and Jim Antonelli on guitars, Eric Carrillo on bass, and Jesse Sotherland on drums. Score wrote all the lyrics; the music was written by Apuzzo, Antonelli, and All Out War. 

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