"Alien Architect" (Mirage Míhal Records/EMP/eOne; 2016)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Another Lost Year play modern hard rock and "Alien Architect" is instantly familiar in the way that similar bands -- Papa Roach, Asking Alexandra, etcetera --  are familiar. It isn't that you feel like you've heard the music before, but you recognize the style and the genre and you know what to expect ... and Another Lost Year doesn't disappoint. 

 What I like best about Another Lost Year's "Alien Architect" is its crisp, clean sound. I'm not just talking about the production here, either (which is stellar, by the way). The album sounds fresh and pure, with vocals that are actually singing (some pretty impressive singing, too, I might add), guitars that are crunchy at times and that soar or are soulful at others. You can hear every note the guitarist intends you to hear and I love that. And the rhythm section drives everything forward, in a focused explosive fashion.

My favorite tracks are the heavier ones, especially "Wolves," and "Bastard Son," but there are some slower, quieter tracks here as well and they fit in just fine.

Bottom line, "Alien Architect" is a modern hard rock album that could be just the beginning for this very talented band. Another Lost Year are a band to keep your eye on.

Another Lost Year: Clinton Cunanan (vocals/guitar); Adam Hall (bass/vocals); Jorge Sotomarino (guitar/vocals); Nathan Walker (drums/vocals).

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