"Purification" (Locomotive Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Purification" is a showcase of great talent, epic songs and fantastic rock'n'roll storytelling ability. Unfortunately, it also lacks a little in the excitement department.

It's not that the band isn't talented. The guitars are what you'd expect from a power metal / prog metal band; the drums are thundering and huge and vocalist Torben Askholm has a voice that works like a slightly higher pitched Ronnie James Dio . It's not the production - the CD has a rich, full and balanced sound. It's not the concept; "Purification" tells its story clearly and succinctly.

I guess the problem with "Purification" is that the songs just don't have any oomph. They're all pleasant enough to listen to but not one of them really stands out or grabs the listener. "Purification" would have been a better CD if the band had shaken things up a bit and given a few songs a much faster pace and maybe even threw one in with a much slower pace. Some catchier melodies would be nice, too.

"Purification" is a solid CD that could just a little more juice to give it some edge. Still, as this is the debut CD by Anubis Gate, I expect great things from the band in the future. 

Anubis Gate: Torben Askholm - vocals; Jesper M. Jensen - guitar, bass, keyboards; Morten Soresen - drums; Also performing on "Purification" are : Kim Olesen - guitars, keyboards; Henrik Fevre: harmony vocals.

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