"Topsy Turvy" (Dreamworks; 2002)

Reviewed by Alicia Downs

About six months ago I wrote a review of the self-titled EP released by The Apex Theory in anticipation of this, their debut album. The five-song EP was short, but resulted in a solid arrangement of metal/pop/techno sensibilities with a Middle Eastern flair. And so it was with this anticipation and standard that I spun their new release and debut with Dreamworks, "Topsy Turvy."

But, with the exception the songs already on the EP )"Shhh... (Hope Diggy)" and "Bullshed"), "Topsy Turvy" was just that, a whirlwind roller coaster of music that made my stomach turn in disgust.

"Topsy Turvy" kicks off with "Add Mission" and to be honest there is nothing there to even write about either way. Lyrically it is unsubstantial and musically downright flaccid. The next track is "Mucus Shifters" and it is just more of the same blasť crap that is all too common on this CD.

Things at least pick up with third track "Come Forth" with its peculiar serenity. Fourth track, "Shhh...(Hope Diggy)", the bandís first release off of the album appears next reminding me why I dug the Apex Theory in the first place. The energy of this MTV darling exploits the potential of a band with a talent for melding, if they would just expand and feed into the eccentricities that made their EP so unique.

Overall, "Topsy Turvy" sounds like the leftovers that have been sitting in the fridge for a week. I mean, you could eat them, but do you really want to? You'd be better off buying their self-titled EP and some fast food on the way home.

The Apex Theory is: Andy (Vocals and Percussion), Art (Guitars and Keys), David (Bass), and Sammy J. (Drums).

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"The Apex Theory" (Dreamworks Records; 2001)

Reviewed by Alicia Downs

The Apex Theory indulges in a rock/techno/Middle Eastern ambiance sound. While the Middle Eastern flare combined with the metal/techno mix may be a bit eccentric for some, the combination revitalizes my senses in anticipation for their full length album that due out in 2002.

The band itself caught a heavy following in LA club scene and has shared the stage with A Perfect Circle and Stabbing Westward. An upcoming tour with metal/techno magicians Static-X hits this fall. And the five-song EP is enough to spark my interest and anticipation in both a future tour and full-length album.

"Shhh... (Hope Diggy)" kicks things off with enough groove and flare to make you make your head turn. The bass and guitar play off their Middle Eastern Armenian heritage. "Bullshed" proved more peculiar with its one and a half-minute techno instrumental. The drums provided a heavier metal take on the sound as the keyboards contrasted with a mellow vibe. After a break the vocals kick in which continue to exploit the line between the metal and techno melody. 

The verses are smooth while the chorus explodes enhancing the entire track as a hybrid of sensations. "Swing This" comes up next and has a punk twist thrown in it. I think to myself how much more genres can these kids master in one album? I like it. "4 R's" kicks in and again we are back to playing on the heavy rock sound but the techno feel is still not lost, peeking through the chorus. Again the combinations are seamless. 

To my dismay I came to final track "Trust Ease" which I was not ready for - just because I could deal with another five or six songs like this. But "Trust Ease" mellowed me out with keyboard melodies that were as serene as the compatible vocal offering. The Middle Eastern vibe regained prominence here and the blends of metal/rock/techno/Middle Eastern feelings brought me out as content as I went in.

The Apex Theory undeniably holds a wealth of talent that will be especially appreciated by any fans out there that look for eccentricities and a talent for pulling off inimitable musical fusions. Truly, The Apex Theory's EP offers fun for the whole family. 

The Apex Theory is: Andy (Vocals and Percussion), Art (Guitars and Keys), David (Bass), and Sammy J. (Drums). 

Check out tour info and more at their web site: 

"The Apex Theory" (Dreamworks Records; 2001)

Reviewed by Keith Guillotine

I had a chance to see The Apex Theory live at a local Hollywood, CA venue and they put on a great show. They weren't the headliner, but they did an outstanding job of motivating the audience.

Their CD is a short EP (only five songs), but it has strong potential. Although singer Andy Khachaturian and bassist David Hakopyan are originally from the Los Angeles area, their Armenian background gives the band a Mediterranean sound unlike anything I've heard recently.

The band is, however, catching on beyond its Los Angeles base. They recently were on a Warped Tour and will continue to tour.

Although the single off this album "Shhh...(hope diggy)" was made into a video and can be seen on MTVx, I think track 2, "Bullshed," was much better written.

The Apex Theory is: Andy Khachaturian - Vocals; Sammy J. Watson - Drums; Art Karamian - Guitar; David Hakopyan - Bass.

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