"Dawning" (CDM Productions)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Archetype's four-song EP, "Hands Of Time," was one of the first CDs I reviewed for Rough Edge way back in early 1999 and it certainly made an impression on me. Although I cited a few of the EP's shortcomings I was impressed enough to say that I was certainly looking forward to hearing more of what Archetype had to offer. Well, three-years is a long time to wait, but it was worth it.

My interest in Archetype was heightened as I was fortunate to see Archetype in concert during late Summer 2000 when the band played the fourth installment of the Power Mad festival - and did a great job as I remember it.

The band displays its confidence and technical skills right from the start as "Final Day" is an aggressive track that really starts the CD off in grand fashion. "Inside Your Dreams" is the best of the new songs - it's got everything you could want in a heavy, progressive metal song. The epic, final track "Years Ago" has patience, emotional vocals, and well-thought out musical passages - truly a killer track.

I've always been a huge fan of instrumental music and the lone instrumental on "Dawning" doesn't disappoint. That song, "The Mind's Eye," oddly enough, wouldn't sound too out of place on Vinnie Moore's "The Maze" CD (Vinnie Moore has an earlier CD titled "Mind's Eye"). Each band member (except Greg Wagner, of course) gets to showcase their abilities in the framework of this ambitious song.

The four tracks found on the "Hands Of Time" EP are included on "Dawning" in their re-recorded glory. The most impressive rendition of the older material is "Dissension's Wake" which I thought was a bit messy on the "Hands Of Time" CD, but the rerecorded version is very clear and focused. 

"Dawning" was produced by Archetype and Chris Matyus. The production is crystal clear and especially improved in the vocals.

Archetype: Greg Wagner on vocals, Chris Matyus on guitars, Jamie Still on bass, and Keith Ziegler on drums.

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"Hands of Time" (Intromental)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Archetype are a five piece band out of Ohio who play their technical, progressive metal with conviction and flair. "Hands of Time" is a four song mini-CD that showcases the band's strengths.

The first track is "Visionary" and it's like a trip through progressive metal history. This seven minute track is power metal with assertive progressive stylistic leanings. The complex musical sections serve as a platform for a variety of well-thought out solos. On "Visionary" the band clearly showcases its potential.

"Arisen" has a funky little guitar intro followed by a brief vocal line that breaks into a lead guitar section that evokes the fluid and soulful melodies of Carlos Santana. The song contains some very technical musical passages, but the track is weighed down by a long stretch that sounds like something Iron Maiden left on the cutting floor.

The title track displays the band's confidence in a more original song (both in its musical structure and its sound) which seems to show the band in a more comfortable setting.

"Dissension's Wake" is a bit messy with weak production and meandering musical passages that are more chaotic than musical.

Overall the band has more European sound like Germany's Blind Guardian or Finland's Sentenced; however, I even hear a lot of South America's progressive sound like Brazil's Angra in the band's music as well. Archetype certainly have a style in the vein of Fates Warning, but in a more aggressive manner. It will be interesting to hear what musical vision Archetype is able to achieve in the years to come.

Chris Matyus plays guitars (as well as writing all the music and lyrics), Keith Zeigler does an impressive job on the drum kit, Jamie Still handles the bass guitar duties, and Chyle Vagner handles the lead vocals. Mark Zaim has since joined the band as second guitarist. For more information check out

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