"Space Metal" (Inside Out Music)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I can't think of another album in recent memory whose title so aptly describes the sounds found within. "Space Metal" is just that. Imagine Deep Purple morphed with Dream Theater morphed with Tangerine Dream and you get a pretty good idea of what to expect here.

Spacey, progressive riffs, plenty of keyboards, soaring lead vocals, unearthly choruses and lyrics about space and time. It's all here. But also here is an incredibly talented group of musicians whose impressive mastery of their respective axes brings "Space Metal" up a notch from your standard space metal. In addition, "Space Metal" (again, as the title might imply) is a little heavier than other releases of this nature. And, as a Rough Edge Reader, I'm sure you can appreciate that difference as much as I do.

It's no mistake that Disc Two of this special edition begins with "Hawkwind Medley," a tribute to the legends of space rock but, for my money, Star One is even better.

Performing on "Space Metal" are: Singers - Sir Russell Allen, Damian Wilson, Floor Jansen, Dan Swano, Robert Soeterboek, Dave Brock. Instrumentalists - Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Ed Warby, Jens Johansson, Erik Norlander, Gary Wehkramp.

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