"Victory" (Flood the Earth; 2006)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

New label Flood The Earth has recently provided, released and re-issued some interesting material since its inception. Much of that music has been atmospheric in nature.

As All Die is martial industrial neo-folk that serves as a mostly ambient, spoken word, vehicle for Aryan beliefs. The music on “Victory” evokes the kind of sound you’d expect to hear in vintage footage of World War II activities. There is variety, however, as the band often detours into a sound that is less martial and more reflective of universal themes and mimicking naturalistic sounds (as you might expect from the Flood The Earth label).

Regardless of your opinion of the band’s politics, “Victory” is a creative expression of musical ideas. This particular musical expression forms a auditory basis that is more like a soundtrack rather than an album for easy consumption and digestion.

“Victory” is not for everyone; it is certainly not for those who would have little patience for the band’s socio-political beliefs as it is likely that there is little appeal to a broader audience.

As All Die is Clint (Long Winters Stare) and Aries.

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