"Answers" (Nightmare; 2006)

Reviewed by Snidermann

One thing I'm always looking for here at Rough Edge is quality music. "Answers," by Ascension Theory, is the real deal. 

"Answers" is progressive cinematic metal, and the lyrics are a tightly orchestrated web. The CD is a highly produced and well-oiled machine that works on so many levels, it took me three spins and a look at their web site to figure out what the hell this recording is about. 

For me to do all that work, you know that this CD is something special. If you like your music deep and intense -- or you just like it on a different level -- Ascension Theory's "Answers" does that and more. 

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"Regeneration" (Nightmare; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

On "Regeneration," Ascension Theory, playing their self-titled brand of progressive cinematic metal, have fused together the forward thinking idioms of progressive rock and the sweeping arcs of orchestrated cinema soundtracks into a fine blend that successfully bridges both genres.

"Regeneration" features two former members of Aztec Jade which is another progressive rock/metal band of some renown. The album is characterized by mostly mid-paced rockers in the true progressive rock vein with an emphasis on melody and an emotional outpouring in the lyrics. The music is steeped in the space (sorry, pun intended ? see below) usually reserved for classic early-era Dream Theater and Rush's heavier, more prog'ed out moments. The primary emotions I hear and feel in the music are somber resignation and hope ? these two diametrically opposed emotions are primary facets of the album's story.

Additionally, "Regeneration" is a concept album with the storyline being centered on a solider caught in the middle of an inter-galactic battle who hopes for and tries to create a new society that is free from war and conflict. That's pretty heady stuff usually reserved for the movies ? but the band might as well have that kind of high concept when it's busily producing ?progressive cinematic metal.'

"Regeneration" was originally recorded and released in 2002 and quickly went out of print. Nightmare Records has stepped up to re-master and re-release the disc. I've not heard the original 2002 pressing so I can't comment on the difference in quality, but I can only assume that the re-release has better sound than the original. Besides, it shouldn't matter too much as the original CD is probably hard to find and even if you own the original and wanted to make another purchase I'm fairly certain the newer version isn't going to contain any new songs.

The bottom-line is that "Regeneration" is a pleasing effort to listen to.

Ascension Theory will be releasing a new album in late 2004 or early 2004 through DVS Records.

"Regeneration" was produced and recorded by Tim Becker.

Ascension Theory: Leon Ozug on vocals and guitars, Tim Becker on keyboards and programming. Jodi St. John contributed vocals to "Warriors" and "Lovers (I'll Wait For You)."

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So-so. You've heard better.

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