"Touch in the Dark" (Transmission; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

This is going to sound weird and probably a little cheesy, but it's what I thought as I listened to Asrai's "Touch in the Dark": If the Wilson sisters of Heart decided to go Goth, it would probably sound a little like this.

"Touch in the Dark" has a haunting style that's ethereal and atmospheric. The band - three women and two men - perform a style of music that's never fast or very heavy but that still delivers quite an impact. A lot of this has to do with the vocal style throughout, which reminds the listener of dark hallways and mournful souls ... or perhaps Sirens in the middle of the sea on a dark, quite night.

The music is never as heavy or as edgy as another band that Asrai's sound brings to mind, Lacuna Coil, although track 7, "Dream," comes close. Interestingly, the track just before that, "Tower," is perhaps the CD's most atmospheric piece.

"Touch in the Dark" may not be the CD to buy if you're looking to rock hard, but it's a great CD when you're in one of those more introspective moods where you still need something with a little edge.

Asrai: Margaret Mol - vocals, backing vocals; Rik Janssen - guitar; Manon Van Der Hidde - synths, violins; Martin Kooy - bass guitar, backing vocals; Karin Mol - drums.

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