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"All Inputs" (The Living Room)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The Assrockers' "All Inputs' (gotta love that moniker and title) is a rough and raw slab of rock'n'roll that blends stoner rock with Southern rock with a hint of old school metal. The result is a CD that's not bad, but that doesn't really reach out and grab you by the throat either.

"All Inputs" starts with a peppy threesome "Loosen Up," "Satan Built My Hotrod" and "Nymphomanic." None of these three tunes are startlingly original, but they get the rock'n'roll job done. 

"Et Tu Brute" is a bizarre little song about Caesar, and sounds a little like something off of a Glenn Danzig album. "24 Hours" is a repeatetive anthem to an around-the-clock sex marathon while "Thor" doesn't live up to its name, being a plodding and ultimately dull tune that once again brings to mind Danzig.

All in all, not a bad disc but unfortunately not a great one either, "All Inputs" is certainly at its best when the band's feeling peppy - pretty much the first half of the disc.

Assrockers: Riff Rokkwell - lead guitar, backing vocals; Bison Roughbottom - lead vocals; Killer T. Toxx - guitar, backing vocals; Shang-Hi Skorz - drums; Misty Stainz - bass.

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