"A Moment of Singularity" (Cruz del Sur)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Quality in music is a tricky proposal at best because of the very personal nature of the craft itself. Our esteemed editor, R. Scott Bolton, has been quoted as saying "Music is the most individual art," and he's right - one man's  rock is another man's schlock.

Reviewing CDs at Rough Edge gives me the opportunity to hear and to express my views on many different bands. Asterius is one of those rare bands that both entertained me and challenged me at the same time. 

The first few times I listened to "A Moment Of Singularity," my opinion on the disc went from bad to good to bad and so on. At first I did not like the music and I found the lyrics verbose and confusing. After a bit of thought, however, I found myself slowly becoming absorbed into the band's unique sound - and I decided that I really liked what I heard. 

The music on "A Moment of Singularity" is hard and heavy and the lyrics deeply poetic and dark. This German band has a strange twist on metal that must be experienced to be understood.

If you're looking for something a little different, look no further than "A Moment of Singularity."

Asterius: ASTERIUS is: Sir-I-us - Guitar, Vocals; Andrash - Vocals; Sataar - Guitar; Arctur - Bass, Programming; Cain - Drums.

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A classic. This record will kick your ass.

Killer. Not a classic but it will rock your world.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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