"The Crash of '47" (Wind-up Records; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Like a few other bands on the Wind-up label, Atomship comes dangerously close to spongerock more than a couple of times throughout "The Crash of '47." Hints of bands like Creed, 12 Stones, Evanesance and Finger Eleven float about during most of the songs and the tone and pace of the recording is similar to those bands as well.

What sets Atomship apart, however, is the band's haunting songwriting and the CD's ethereal production. "The Crash of '47" won't kick your ass, but it does have a atmospheric quality that might fit you mood d'jour. The best example of this, although you wouldn't guess it from the title, is the second track, "Mothra." Yeah, a song about a giant caterpillar is the most haunting on the CD.

Basically, "The Crash of '47" is modern rock with a slightly different sound to set them apart. While not the best on the Wind-up label (that would probably be Drowning Pool, Seether and Evanesence) Atomship and "The Fall of '47" are far from the worst, either.

Atomship: Chad Kent - drums; Joey Culver - vocals; Nathan Slade - guitars. 

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