"Paradise in Flames" (Locomotive Records; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

One of the biggest complaints about power metal is that, too often, it all sounds very much the same. Such is its nature, I'm afraid.

That isn't the case with Axxis's "Paradise in Flames." Not only does the CD have a distinct sound all of its own, each track has a different feel to it. 

"Paradise in Flames" starts off with the title track, an instrumental that sounds as though it could have come from the film "Excalibur." Track 2, however, is entitled "Dance With the Dead" and sounds a little like Manowar meets Oingo Boingo. Yeah, they're that different.

And so the CD goes, throwing out tracks that are pure power metal, radio-friendly ballads, balls-out rockers and much, much more.

Add to that already exciting mix a vocalist who sounds like a cross between the Scorpions' Klaus Meine and Rush's Geddy Lee (but more often Klaus Meine) and production that is rich and vibrant (some may say overdone) and "Paradise in Flames" is a riveting metal recording.

Axxis: Bernhard Weiss - vocals; Harry Oellers - keys; Guido Wehmeyer - guitar; Rob Schomaker - bass; Andrč Hilgers - drums.

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