"I Against I" (SST; 1986)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Bad Brains usually has reggae music on each one of their discs -- but not this one. Instead, the fusion of hardcore punk, heavy metal, soul and funk are pounded like nails into a fence that keeps getting slammed in your face. Since no reggae seeped into this recording, you will probably be able to find it under heavy metal if you want to search for something completely different.
The guitar is all over the place and the solos are way out there but its still wild music and there are probably a handful of people who even know about this obscure band. The music is good in parts and it takes a couple of listens to get the flow going. The Rastafarian sound comes through mostly on the vocals of H.R. (Human Rights). H.R. has been around the block a few times and most notably helped out P.O.D. with their track "Without Jah, Nothin" on the disc titled "Satellite."
The song "Sacred Love" has an odd sound to it; the vocals were recorded over a phone call from prison while H.R. was serving time on a marijuana charge.

If you want something that doesn't sound like anything else you have on tap then check out Bad Brains. These guys have been around since 1977 and released their first self-titled disc in 1982. They have influenced more bands that you can shake a stick at.
Bad Brains: H.R. vocals; Dr. Know guitar; Darryl Jenifer bass; Earl Hudson drums.
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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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