"Eyrie" (Some Odd Pilot; 2012)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Beak is a Chicago-based experimental metal project whose stirring five-track conceptual EP, "Eyrie," finds a middle ground between the progressive leanings of Gojira and the experimental meanderings of Neurosis.

Constantly fluctuating between complex and atmospheric heaviness, this quartet creates a compelling wall of sound while the lyrics spins an allegorical tale of the eyrie (the nest of a bird of prey built in a high, inaccessible place) to, in their own words, symbolize the crumbling of empires and the passage of time.

Conveying their message of despair with a jagged sense of imminence rounded out with scalded screams (“The Weight and Time”) leading bouts of devastatingly off-kilter heaviness (“Angry Mother of Bones”), this release is well worth the time for listeners with a penchant for adventurous modern metal like Mastodon, Baroness, and Isis.

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