"4:17" (Locomotive; 2004)

Reviewed by Snidermann

As with all music, some heavy music rocks, some is just okay, and some just plain sucks. Before The Dawn's "4:17" falls squarely in the middle. 

I really liked the attitude of this band; their music is done with plenty of heart and style. The vocals were twofold: Sometimes they were kind of wimpy and sad; at other times they were harsh and heavy. It's the latter that I really liked.

The music was best when it rocked. When it slowed down, it was just a drag. This is a band that has tremendous potential and talent. If only they would keep up the energy and speed of their songs, I think they would go further. 

Still, even with that downside, I liked enough of what I heard on "4:17" to rate the CD a solid three guitar saw. 

Before The Dawn: Sani Miettinen - drums; Panu Willman - guitar and vocals; Tuomas Saukkonen - guitar and dark voice; Tani Broman - bass; Mika Ojala - keyboards.

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