"Hope to See Another Day" (Galileo Records; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Believe's "Hope to See Another Day" is prog rock that's mainly in the Pink Floyd vein. They're never as weird as Pink Floyd and they don't sound like Pink Floyd, but they have the same rhythms and timbres of that legendary band.

Although this is an impressive CD musically and vocally, it's never very hard or heavy (as Dream Theater can be, for example) and it's often not even lively enough to retain the listener's attention. That being said, the guitars that are present are used to excellent effect (as, in fact, are all the instruments -- even the non-traditional violins, etcetera -- and the vocals) but "Hope to See..." is often more of an ambient record. Even the more active tracks (i.e., "Don't Tell Me") aren't particularly dynamic. Much of this may have to do with the lyrical content, which is usually on the dark and depressing side.

Fans of prog rock will probably find plenty to enjoy on this CD. Fans of harder rock, however, may want to steer away.

Believe: Mirek Gil - guitars; Tomek Rozcki - vocals and guitars; Adam Milosz - keyboards and hidden harmonies; Przemas Zawadzki - bass guitar; Vlodi Tafel - drums; Satomi - violin, hopefully with a continuation; Robert Sieradzki - all lyrics and a few words out loud.

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