"For the Love of Art and the Making" (Nightmare; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

What an utterly fascinating concept!

"For the Love of Art and the Making" is a single conceptual piece, divided into 43 tracks totaling less than 38 minutes. That's an average of less than one minute a track. Listening to the CD as it is laid out is a bizarre, yet worthwhile journey. Hard rock songs are interspersed by random musical interludes that sound as though they could have come from movie soundtracks, lighter progressive records, even bands like Oingo Boingo(!) and more. There's no rhyme or reason to the way the CD plays out and sometimes it seems a little disjointed. But that's the way the band intended it. In fact, they suggest that you play the album through as is and then hit "Shuffle" on your CD and play it again for a completely different experience.

Throughout the CD, the musicianship is as close to technically perfect as possible and the production is full and complex. 

"For the Love of Art and the Making" is a truly unique listening experience that will yield a different listening experience on each listener and on each shuffled playing. Because of its experimental design, however, it may not appeal to all listeners. Even fans of the band's previous work may find themselves challenged by this CD. Those willing to step up to that challenge and embrace it, however, will be intrigued and entertained by the results. 

Beyond Twilight: Finn Zierler - keyboards; Bjorn Jansson - vocals; Exo - rhythm and lead guitar; Devillan - bass; Jacob Hansen - rhythm guitar; Tomas Fredén - drums.

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"Section X" (Nightmare; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

I don't claim to know more about music than the next guy but I can spot quality when I hear it. Beyond Twilight's "Section X" is an excellent progressive CD that is easily one of the best releases I have listened to this year.

"Section X" is a concept album that tells the sad and twisted tale of one man's quest into the unused portion of the human mind. This is high quality music that has to be listened to carefully in order to understand all the little nuances. To be honest, I didn't even understand the complete story of the CD until I visited the band's website where they tell the entire story. I would recommend you do the same. Knowing the story beforehand really puts the entire project into prospective. 

Man, this CD is fun, highly entertaining and thought provoking. I highly recommended "Section X"  to any metal fan. 

Beyond Twilight: Finn Zierler - keyboards; , Kelly Sundown Carpenter - vocals; Andus Exo Krag - guitar; Andus Devillan Lingrén  - bass; Jacob Hansen - guitar; Tomas Fredén - drums.

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