"Bantam to Behemoth" (Emkog; 2008)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Dan Britton, the prolific musical creator (Cerebus Effect, Deluge Grander), returns with his newest project Birds and Buildings. “Bantam to Behemoth” is the band’s debut that features a Yes, Genesis, and King Crimson progressive rock (and rocking) style that’s heavy on classic/symphonic prog-rock and strong elements of fusion and jazz. One can hear modern progressive metal without the overburdening rhythms and relentless distortion. With “Bantam to Behemoth” I hear a lot of what Planet X does without the over-the-top technical playing that flies above the heads of most music fans. Regardless of what the disc sounds like and the past echoes that come to mind the results are certainly intriguing.  Ultimately, Birds and Buildings is most aptly described as a combination of Britton’s previous two bands (the heavier Cerebus Effect and the mellower Deluge Grander).

There’s something about playing clean (i.e. no distortion) that creates an environment where any mistake sticks out like a sore thumb – but there are no mistakes here. Not that I’d expect Britton and company to make any mistakes, but the music is fluid, purposeful, and satisfying. “Bantam to Behemoth” is a largely instrumental affair – Britton sings a few vocals and vocalist Ms. Wheatley guests on one track.

“Bantam to Behemoth” runs more than 70 minutes – there’s a lot to absorb.  However, Birds and Buildings creates and landscape where the musical journey always reveals something new and interesting.

“Bantam to Behemoth” was produced by Dan Britton.

Birds and Buildings is Dan Britton on guitars, vocals, and keyboards; Brett d’Anon on bass and guitars; Malcolm McDuffie on drums; Nick Skrobisz on drums; and Brian Falkowski on saxophones, flute, and clarinet. Megan Wheatley contributes vocals to one track.

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