"Composition" (Sin Klub Entertainment / Cargo Music; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Oh, no. More metalcore? Well, not quite. Bleed For Me are grounded in hardcore more than anything else.

Bleed For Me's "Composition" is more hardcore than I'm particularly used to (or particularly fond of, that's for sure). However, the band finds ways to keep "Composition" interesting rather than endless typical hardcore ranting, raving, and bluntness, Bleed For Me mix things up quite nicely.

There's not much metal riffing albeit for brief spots the very brief intro for "Fresh Air Hymnal" comes to mind. Bleed For Me mix in movie/TV dialogue throughout their songs similar to Killwhitneydead although they don't overdo it. The band even settles down for a few stretches of soundscapes not unlike The Dillinger Escape Plan ("Bully," "My Thoughts Light Fires In Your Cities"). All of this, it should be noted, makes the CD a whole lot more interesting and palatable for someone like me. In fact, it makes "Composition" often come across as an inventive hard rock record than just a 'weird' hardcore record. Even the noisy rhythmic fade out after "Boxcutter" manages to stay interesting long after you've forgotten you've basically just heard a hardcore record. 

"Composition" is a very interesting record indeed. Bleed For Me are one of the few hardcore bands I'd be interesting in hearing again.

"Composition" was produced by Bleed For Me and Doug White.

Bleed For Me: Jay on vocals; Aaron on guitar, vocals, sampler, and keys; Joe on bass and vocals; and Chris on drums and percussion.

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"Composition" (Sin Klub Entertainment / Cargo Music; 2004)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Bleed for Me's "Composition" is a high-powered, hardcore release that rocked like a big dog and kept me entertained throughout ... well, for the most part. With each good thing I can say about this CD, I can find one or two things that didn't work for me.

"Composition" rocks hard and heavy when the band is on, as they are about 75% of the time. The remaining 25% was devoted to unrecognizable words being spoken, like something from a Rob Zombie release. Well, Zombie did it first and does it better, so my advice to the band is to stick to the music and leave the narration to someone else. 

In addition, one track ran over twelve minutes long and half of that was mumbling about nothing in particular. Come on, guys, just finish the fucking song. 

All that being said, when this band was in their element, "Composition" was awesome. When it came to the other stuff, the CD was less than stellar. 

I really liked "Composition" and I like what I hear in Bleed for Me. With a few tweaks here and there, this band can really be something. 

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