"The Absence of a Soul" (Independent Records; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Bloody Maiden's six-track demo has already been reviewed by Rough Edge's esteemed editor and it's my turn to hear this one-man musical outfit. Bloody Maiden mixes eerie electronic noises with gothic metal not unlike what Glenn Danzig did with Samhain (minus the speedy riffing, of course).

At twelve tracks in 43 minutes "The Absence Of A Soul" takes its time in unfolding its myriad of sounds. "Decay" is a super slow, super deep number that evokes the slow decay of flesh left to rot. By the time the third track "Drink Poison" is emanating from your speakers the guitars are starting to chug along quite nicely without losing the electronic undercurrent or the slow pacing that seems to be so central to the Bloody Maiden sound.

"The Absence Of A Soul" may lack the intensity that I'm looking for in a metal disc, but it is an intriguing listen nonetheless.

As far as the 'production' goes ... well, there is lack of it. But, then again, it is deliberate as I've since learned while researching Bloody Maiden's history. The lack of production gives "The Absence Of A Soul" a fairly neat, if somewhat contrived, underground quality.

"The Absence Of A Soul" is unlike anything I've ever heard in my time reviewing CDs across the very varied hard rock and metal spectrums.

Bloody Maiden is X (a.k.a. Adam Lee).

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"The Early Demo Recordings" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Raw rock in the Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie mode with a little stoner guitar thrown in. Adam Lee is one talented fellow, creating every sound heard on this six track demo. The music sounds closest to "Anti-Christ Superstar" Marilyn Manson and benefits as much as it suffers from the true rawness that comes from one person playing each and every instrument. In other words, it's an impressive demo and I'll be thrilled to hear more when Lee fleshes things out with a band behind him.

Bloody Maiden: Adam Lee - guitar, vocals, drums, effects, bass, keys (Stage name is "Ginger-X").

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