"DIY" (Self-produced; 2001)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

"DIY" is another short release from the same insane bunch of guys that brought us "Universes & Civilizations On My Belly." "DIY" is a two-track demo that shows the band evolving into a more focused group that has a better handle on its sound and direction.

"Psychostasia" is a near-epic at nearly five-minutes in length and proudly displays Bodybug's improving compositional skills. While Bodybug's gritty sound remains intact, you can easily hear a bunch of musical ideas beginning to coalesce into a more cohesive whole. Maybe the band doesn't realize it (especially if Bodybug is to be taken literally), but perhaps they are seeing the big picture because they are beginning to understand the small pictures. "I Love Everybody, I Must Be Dying" is a short, hyper-blasting punkified hardcore drill that is as blunt as it is relentless. This is the kind of track that I can do without, but when it follows the "Psychotasia" you get the sense that Bodybug aren't going to be restrained by self-imposed restrictions or other's opinions of how the band should be limited.

The band's major label debut "Because This Is All There Is" has already appeared on Blank Canvas Records (released in mid-2002). The tracks on this demo appear on the full-length "Because This Is All There Is" in re-recorded form.

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"Universes & Civilizations on My Belly" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Bodybug is an England-based based band that has looked westward for its influences. "Universes & Civilizations On My Belly" is a four-track demo displays a healthy Dillinger Escape Plan influence as well as modern noise giants like Circle Of Dead Children or metalcore bands like Shattered Realm or Unearth.

Bodybug claim that they are influenced by modern and traditional metal, but even a cursory listen to "Universes & Civilizations On My Belly" doesn't yield anything obvious (to me at least) to suggest that they are influenced by traditional metal. But yes, it's easy to hear how Bodybug are influenced by modern metal including such disparate sounds as doom and stoner styles.

The first two tracks of this demo are 'calling cards' that this band will make easy targets for worldwide recognition if not a realization from American audiences that the other side of the pond is just as capable of making emotionally noisy metal. The third track is a short burst of tripped-out speed that is cut off life-support after only 40 seconds. The fourth 'song' is an overly repetitious loop that reveals nothing creative or worthwhile unless you're a DJ and could use the endlessly repeated computer-voiced snippet, buzzing bass loop for a sample on a techno track.

It is not too difficult to imagine Bodybug making inroads to success with proper promotion and distribution. The band's major label debut, "Because This Is All There Is," has already appeared on Blank Canvas Records (released in mid-2002). The first two tracks on this demo, "Bile (I'll Never See The Big Picture Because I'll Never Understand The Small Pictures)" and "Putas," appear on "Because This Is All There Is" in re-recorded form.

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