"Gutted" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

"Gutted" is the 1994 release of the Brian Loyd Band that features nine tracks of instrumental tracks that shift gears like a finely tune racing machine. This is an effort that simply requires description on a track-by-track basis.

"Running Amok" is a frenzied number that features deep whammy bar bends and wild harmonies to elicit a listening experience that is as fresh as it is rocking. The title track is a contemplative ditty that uses a nylon acoustic to echo classical and flamenco styles. The energetic dissonance of "Unto The Tribe" is like an out-of-control skid while driving down a slippery road. "Dain Bramage" (that's not a misprint) has a wacky melody and arrangement that gives being demented a good name. The classical leanings of "Bionca Fiore" display a more traditional side of Loyd's skills and he pulls it off really well. Not only is "Side Show George" a great song title, this track is a riff-monster come to life with dirty guitars spraying shards of madness everywhere. "Holy Mackrelmony" gives wedding music a demented twist. "Soured" is pretty 'normal' relatively speaking and wouldn't seem too out of place on a more commercial instrumental release. "Consecrated For Ceremonies Of War" finishes out the CD with a buzzing, apocalyptic rhythm and wailing guitars on-the-top - a perfect ending to a wild ride.

"Gutted" is a pretty diverse CD - maybe not as diverse as Rullian's "Is This My Guitar Or An Albatross?" - but more diverse than many instrumental CDs from independent artists.

Expect more guitar instrumental music from Brian Loyd in late 2002 or early 2003 - the new material will be less heavy than "Gutted," but will only be the first of many CDs to be released by Brian Loyd that will vary in style and intensity.

Brian Loyd Band is Brian Loyd on guitars, Rich Alter on bass, and Greg Gall (Six Feet Under) on drums.

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