"Greed, Lust and Cloning" (Endocrinemusic; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Greed, Lust and Cloning" is the music score for a non-existent movie. You wouldn't know that from looking at the CD artwork. The front cover appears to have been taken from the film's poster, the back cover art seems to be a frame from the film itself and the liner notes inside are spelled out in that format that appears at the bottom of all movie posters. The tracks are even sequenced and titled to sound like scenes from the film: "Open Title (Below the Surface)," "We All Have Bad Days," "Belly of the Beast" and, of course, "End Credits (Scratching the Surface)".

You would also never guess this movie doesn't exist based on the music contained herein. "Greed, Lust and Cloning" sounds like a modern, rock-style film score. You can almost imagine each scene as it unfolds, whether it's an action sequence, a romantic interlude, or simply some atmospheric enhancement. That's part of what's so cool about this release: The movie is in your mind. As you listen to the CD, the movie that you "see" is created in your head.

This isn't hard rock or heavy metal, of course, although elements of both -- and many other musical genres -- appear here. Instead, this sounds like a rock score by the great John Carpenter or perhaps Michael Kamen (as opposed to the orchestral scores of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, for example). 

"Greed, Lust and Cloning" may not be for all tastes. I happen to be a huge fan of film scores and, as such, I really got into this one. Others may find that, like other film scores for films that actually exist, the music works best when performed behind images.

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"Greed, Lust and Cloning" (Endocrinemusic; 2006)

Reviewed by Snidermann

It takes a special kind of talent to write music with no lyrics. And it takes a different kind of person to appreciate it. I don't know if I am that person, however, I do like instrumental albums sometimes, if they are done correctly.  

Don Bodin and his "Greed, Lust and Cloning" is an instrumental release that is a cut above the other instrumental albums out there today. I like the hauntingly romantic melodies that are prevalent throughout this recording and the musicianship is stunning.

Even without lyrics, Don Bodin gets his point across, his emotions understood, his expressions clear. 

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