"Composition" (Self-produced; 2007)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

I’ll never get tired of listening to instrumental music. I’ll never forget the days in the ‘80s when instrumental rock albums and the guitarists that made such an impression on the guitar playing youth. Out of the blue comes Lindsey Boullt’s “Composition.” Even after one listen it was easy to say that “Composition” is another album that can join the upper echelon of albums that I consider my favorites in the instrumental rock genre.

Although each of the ten tracks of “Composition” are worth expounding on in great detail, I’ve picked three tracks for the purpose of properly describing the album. Disc opener “Page Revisited” reminds me of what Tony MacAlpine can do – this track is particularly moody with a seductive Arabian melody and mid-paced groove. “Bravo Davo del Torre,” which closes out the first half of the CD, is a sturdy rocker with a progressive edge that shows how important original songwriting is in instrumental rock.  “Cleopatra’s Third Eye” closes out the disc in dramatic fashion – the track manages to combine progressive rock and jazzy/neo-classical styles in an intoxicating blend that has an air of mystery.

Lindsey Boullt is able to draw from many various styles to bring shades of color and light to his songs. The sound of “Composition” leans heavily toward Middle Eastern melodies and the flamenco style – it results in a fresh sounding album. It reminds me of the huge impression that the neo-classical fusion instrumental rockers had back in the late ‘80s (Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine in particular).

On numerous tracks Boullt displays an ability to play at rapid speed – just check out YouTube and you’ll see that this guy could probably substitute in DragonForce if needed. But he doesn’t exhibit his speedy playing all the time – it is used to great effect only if the song calls for it.

On “Composition” Lindsey Boullt has surrounded himself with oodles of talent. In particular it is drummer Atma Anur that plays a significant role (eight of the ten tracks). Bassist Stu Hamm and keyboardist Derek Sherinian are two of the better known and skilled musicians on “Composition.” The other musicians, while not nearly as well known, are just as skillful and impressive.

The bottom line is that Lindsey Boullt is a mature artist that deftly combines all aspects of the musical spectrum (composition, melodies, riffs, technique, and “feel”) into a satisfactory whole. “Composition” proves that without a doubt in this listener’s mind. Boullt clearly sets a high standard for himself and with “Composition” shows that he reaches and exceeds those high standards. 

“Composition” was produced by Lindsey Boullt and mixed by Chris Manning at Salamander Sound. For a self-produced CD the sound is great and the clarity is flawless.

Lindsey Boullt is joined by such luminaries as Derek Sherinian on keyboards, Stu Hamm on bass, Jon Herrera on bass, Atma Anur on drums, Jeremy Colson on drums, Jerry Goodman on violin, Mingo Lewis on percussion, Peter Van Gelder on sitar, and the legendary Sukhawat Ali Khan on vocals.

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