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"Pastor Pasture" (Local Cannery Recording Company; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


Campground is Campground Effect without the "Effect" (obviously), and with new drummer Thad behind the drum kit. Not much else has changed, at least dramatically. 

For the most part, "Pastor Pasture" is more of the band's alternative-edged hard rock that blends an Alice in Chains type of grunge sound with a hint of the quirky sound of bands like Porno for Pyros. But then, there are also tracks like "Death Bed Shakes" which brings to mind the mind-twisting rock'n'roll of veteran classic rock bands like Iron Butterfly. 

My favorite tracks were the driving "Wives Tale" and the almost stoner rock of "Luxury Buy-Out" and, if you heard both songs separately, you probably wouldn't think they were performed by the same band. Perhaps that's what keeps "Pastor Pasture" so interesting. The band isn't afraid to just put their songs out there and let you decide what they sound like. It's a fresh approach that makes the music sound more natural rather than over-rehearsed and multi-layered. 

Probably not for everyone (those looking for a more straight-ahead rock'n'roll approach had best look elsewhere), Campground's "Pastor Pasture" gets better with each subsequent play. 

Campground: Ryan - Guitar / Vocals; Josh - bass; Thad - drums.

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