"Isolation" (Deathwish; 2008)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Aussie troupe Carpathian let loose with a discernibly mature brand of hardcore punk, not unlike the output of many of their labelmates, on the quintet's latest 10-track effort, "Isolation."

Abandoning the one-trick brutal beatdown routine for a muscular yet angular attack that relies equally on dynamic shifts and gang vocal choruses (instead of following the herd and ripping though breakdown after breakdown) this band combines the grit of American Nightmare, the contagiousness of Comeback Kid and elements of atmospheric sludge metal for a heavy-handed yet satisfying amalgamation of aggression.

Moshpit friendly tunes like "Cursed" and "Ceremony" yield dramatic build-ups for added jolts to the skull, while tracks like "Spirals" take their "new old school" approach down tried and true roads with positive results.

Substantial without being overwrought, this is for those that crave fury with an updated hardcore onslaught .

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