"Caught Off Guard" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Pud

Caught Off Guard hails from beautiful downtown Oxnard, California. They are part of the Nardcore punk scene that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. 

This four-song release is a DIY effort that was recorded at the infamous Nardcore Manor, which is hidden away in Oxnard. Let's just say the Manor is within stumbling distance to California's largest porno store. Forrest Lorenzana is the principal songwriter for Caught Off Guard as well as its lead guitar player. Forrest is known to be quite a lazy bastard, yet his one talent is writing punk tunes that have cool hooks in them, and this effort certainly has that. 

The first song, "15 Years," is about fucking up. The second tune is "GWB" and as the title suggests, it is influenced by today's fucked up political climate. "Never Fall" is the third song, and as near as I can tell, it is about fucking up. Completing the E.P. is "Stay" which is an uplifting little ditty about fucking up and fucked up things. 

Sure it's bleak as hell, but at least all the songs are well crafted and tightly executed. COG's music is akin to that of Dag Nasty or The Almighty CHRITCHEN!. The strong lyrics add meaning to the tunes. Vocalist Floyd McKenzie comes to COG from the metal music community and shows that he can switch styles of singing effectively. Floyd is also one of the more accomplished live performers in the scene these days. 

Caught Off Guard also consists of Eric Andres, who supplies the bass lines; Larry White, who was somehow convinced to play drums; and Danny Moa who is handsome. 

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