"To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence" (Self-produced; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Chach's "To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence" is one of those CDs that almost captures you the first time you listen to it and comes closer each and every time you listen to it after that. Still, for whatever reason, it never really grabs you.

The band is talented enough, delivering four songs here that are mildly effective combinations of classic rock with a hint of stoner buzz. The vocals are smooth and strong, the guitars chunky and upfront, the drums and bass consistent and steady, the production a little muddy but not horrendously so. 

Nonetheless, "To Destroy..." never really gets its hooks into you. It starts out with its best track, "From the Throne," but never gets better from there. You won't be bored and you certainly won't be reaching for the "next" button on your CD player, but you probably won't be reaching for the "replay" button any time soon either. 

Then again, there are only four songs on this EP (plus a humorous video for "From the Throne") so the band obviously has more material. If nothing else, "To Destroy ..." shows a lot of potential and I look forward to hearing more from Chach.

Chach: Chad Roth - vocals; Mimi Soltyalk - guitars; Jimi Sweeney - guitars; Dawn Shoudt - bass; James Barker - drums. 

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