"Chain Link Faith" (Full Well)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Chain Link Faith is good, old-fashioned hard rock with a slight Southern twist. The band's sound reminds me of Quiet Riot blended with Jackyl with a little Ted Nugent thrown in. And none of that's a bad thing.

The CD begins with a song that sounds just plain funny at first, "Don't Kick The Dog," which contains lyrics like 
"I know you've had a hard day but when you come home, don't kick the dog; 
"You say you've had a hard day but when you come around here, don't kick the dog." 

Sounds a little country-western-ish, doesn't it? But, as the song progresses, its depth becomes more apparent. The lyrics continue:
"I know sometimes it's hard to cope and it doesn't really matter that you're out of dope, don't kick the dog (kick the habit); 
"You can dwell in your misery but as soon as you come through the door you take it out on me. Don't kick the dog."

Most of the songs on this CD retain this serious tone and depth. It's refreshing coming from a band with a southern sound. Every song is a rough rocker with whiskey-soaked vocals and raunchy guitar. And the instrumental "Droppin' Like Flies" doesn't go off on a technical tangent, but instead remembers that rock'n'roll is supposed to rock, whether there are vocals or not. 

Fans of the bands mentioned in this first paragraph will find something to like in Chain Link Faith and I won't be surprised if they don't start a legacy of their own.

Chain Link Faith: Jimi Powers - vocals/guitars; Mike Bolenbach - guitars/vocals; Phil Janzen - drums/percussion; Fred Flory - vocals/guitars; Thomas Michael Collins (TC) - bass.

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