"Tragic Accident" (Self-produced; 2008)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Iím not sure what Charlus is trying to accomplish here. This disc has rock, pop, alternative, and electronic sounds all combined and they seem to play well against each other. It starts out with a "new artist" sound written all over it, but it didnít hold my attention once it got going. It stays kind of flat; the equalizer didnít dance to any parts offered. Daniel's voice is unconventional, too: he croons rather than sings.

"Tragic Accident" has an indie sound because the approach here is really undefined and the category of "new" is too broad. The lyrics are a spiritual sandwich -- God on top, angst in the middle, God on bottom. Daniel's influences donít scream rock'n'roll and he notes quite honestly that he is in the business to sell records. His lyrics are deep in some parts but shallow in more.

Daniel states that he is a writer and music just seems to be the best way to get his literary voice out there. His style isnít anything I would look for; maybe a poetry slam would give him the shining light he needs to offer his interpretation of life. His spirituality is evident in his songwriting, however, and he emits a soulful way that's a little too passive for me.

Charlus is: Daniel.

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