"The Hard Road" (Roadtooth Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Chigger Red return with another blues-soaked collection of Southern-Fried rock'n'roll. Like their previous CD, "The Hard Road" brings to mind the band you stumble across late at night (or early in the morning), playing at your favorite bar while the bartender pours you the remaining drops of the last bottle of Patron tequila.

My memory may be at fault here, but I remember "Hammered" as being a little heavier than "The Hard Road." As I recall, "Hammered" had more of a Jackyl sound than "The Hard Road's" Stevie Ray Vaughn or George Thorogood vibe. Surprisingly, that's not a bad thing here. "The Hard Road" rolls along at a simmering pace, taking the time for lengthy guitar solos that simply sizzle out of your stereo speakers. And songs like "Hangover Hotel," "Fucked Up in Vegas" and "Death by Alcohol" are tunes that any late-night rock'n'roll bar-crawler can relate to. "That's a Crazy Bitch," the CD's last track, sounds just like Bon Scott era AC/DC.

"The Hard Road" is laden with attitude and atmosphere and the bluesy guitars and unhurried pace of the songs make it a great record to listen to on long drives.

Chigger Red are the kind of band that would fit in just fine at the Blues & Brews festival in Laughlin, NV, that I sojourn to each and every September. They've got more of an edge than straight blues bands, yet they don't lose that raw and raunchy blues attitude either. 

Fans of the aforementioned Steve Ray Vaughn or George Thorogood will find something to like on "The Hard Road." Fans of Jackyl and other Southern bands like Molly Hatchet won't be disappointed either.

Chigger Red: Mike Stansberry - vocals, guitar; Chris Stansberry - bass; Leo Cuevas - drums.

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"Hammered" (Roadtooth Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

If, on some Friday or Saturday night, you find yourself wandering from bar to bar, trying to find one that serves a great tequila and a great rock'n'roll band, look for the name Chigger Red on the marquee. Chances are, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

Chigger Red play barroom hard rock with a strong Southern blues influence. The sound ranges from Molly Hatchet heavy to Eric Clapton cool. It may be a little uneven but it's never boring. The guitars are sharp, the vocals are rough and the songwriting is all over the map. A couple of beers, a smoky room and the sound of billiard balls clacking together in the background and you've got the perfect atmosphere for this band.

Fans of Jackyl will no doubt like the Southern twang of Chigger Red, although this band isn't quite as hard-edged. In fact, sometimes they slow down enough to be considered pure blues instead of hard rock but it's all good.

Chigger Red: Mike Stansberry - vocals, guitar; Chris Stansberry - bass; Leo Cuevas - drums.

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