"Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard" (Versailles; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Those looking for a little variety in the hard rock need look no further than Chris Catena's "Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard." 

The Italian Catena, who has been singing for nearly twenty years, covers the gamut of hard rock on this double CD. Throughout "Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard," Catena throws out music that sounds like Deep Purple, the Black Crowes, Bad Company and others. Part of the reason for the varied sound on this set is because it's actually a combination of two previous releases (the full-length "Freak Out," and the "Still Alive and Freakin'" EP) with some added, previously unreleased studio tracks.

Another reason for the varied sound is the amazing list of guests that appear on the album. Joining Catena here are names like Glenn Hughes, Doug Wimbish, Stevie Salas, Bruce Kulick, Tony Franklin, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, Myron Dove, Dave Meniketti, Virgil Donati, John Taylor, Stephen Ferrone, Chester Thompson, Jeff Scott Soto, John Lawton, Chuck Wright, Vitalij Kuprij, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Kelly Simonz, Johnny Olhin, Nobby, Al Kooper and others. With a guest list like that, you're bound to come up with a recording that covers many different areas of sound.

Don't get me wrong: Catena's sound isn't all over the place. He stays firmly in the bluesy hard rock of the 70s (the impressive live cover of Deep Purple's "Burn" is proof positive of that) and, if you're a fan of that genre -- or any of the guests who appear on this CD -- chances are you'll like what Catena does throughout "Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard."

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