"Cinema8" (The Telegraph Company; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Vocalist and guitarist Michael Sauri left his ska-influenced band Fighting Gravity and then formed the decidedly non-ska-influenced Cinema8 as a means of expressing his musical vision. On Cinema8's self-titled debut, Sauri manages to draw equally well from '70s and early '80s arena rock while still making the final product sound contemporary and radio friendly. "Cinema8" features ten-tracks of melodic pop-rock that's easy, but never boring, to listen to.

Based on my limited listening of non-metal music I guess it's easier to compare the expansive pop-rock sound of Cinema8 to the mellow material that Stone Temple Pilots have released on albums since their debut. Also, I hear some of the poppier elements that Bob Mould explored in Sugar. However, for this reviewer, it's the up-tempo rockers like "Lover," "Thoughts Of You," and "Faster Than Today" that are intriguing to listen to.

Cinema8, with Michael Sauri at the helm, obviously has a chance to make waves in the music biz and catch the ears of radio listeners everywhere. It's unknown what destiny has in store for Cinema8, but one can only hope the hands of fate kindly pull strings in this band's favor.

Fans of Fuel, Marvelous 3, and The Flys will like Cinema8's sound and style. But don't take my word for it: listen to the debut album on-line by clicking the link below.

"Cinema8" was produced by Bryan Martin and mixed by Scott Hull.

Joining Michael Sauri in the recording of Cinema8's self-titled debut was David Vergauwen on guitar, Jay Turner on bass, and Tony McGee (ex-Egypt) on drums. Bryan Martin contributed piano. As of late 2002 the band features Branko Hodzic on guitar, lap steel, and backing vocals, Kent Hobson on bass and backing vocals, and Frankie Bohle on drums.

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