"The Hassler" (Manic Ride; 2004)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Putting the punk back into punk rock seems to be this Philadelphia trio's mission statement, as Clockcleaner is hell-bent on creating organized chaos, both on and off stage. 

Known for outrageous antics (like pissing on their fellow band’s merch and getting into fights at any given time), these guys are hell bent to reclaim punk rock’s dubious distinction of going harshly against the grain. Luckily, the seven-tracks that comprise "The Hassler" comply with the band’s ideals: these tracks are loud, obnoxious, dissonant, jerky, and borderline dangerous.

“Shingles,” armed with a sloppy structure and a dependence on attitude over accuracy, rocks like a Jesus Lizard song done by Nirvana, while the pounding bass line of “The Houseguest” leads the trail to noise rock luxury. 

Clockcleaner’s anti-establishment musical stance and invigorating disregard for everything around them work well together, presenting an unsanctioned punk rock package firmly denouncing the mediocre mainstream.

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