"Rotting Paradise" (Relapse; 2008)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Coldworker, led by former Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson, is full-fledged grind/death metal hybrid that introduced themselves to the metal community in 2006 with “The Contaminated Void.” I never did get to hear the full album, but the track “They Crawl In Me Uninvited” from that debut was a featured track on Rough Edge Radio. High praise indeed.

Coldworker treads the narrow sonic territory of grind/death metal.  However, four of the five members of Coldworker write for the band. As such the songs on “Rotting Paradise” feature a multitude of meaty riffs and precision-laden changes leading to songs that twist, turn, and snake their way through twelve frantic, energetic, and engaging contemporary grindcore songs. It’s not quite what one could possibly call “progressive” but it is certainly inventive and fresh. This kind of songwriting acumen is what separates Coldwork from their contemporaries.

On “Rotting Paradise,” Coldworker does not completely forsake the blinding speed of grind. Coldworker’s technical take on death metal is a devastating foray into music’s unforgiving side while keeping the aggressive precision of grind intact. As a result “Rotting Paradise” should be a satisfying listen for connoisseurs of grind and an intriguing listen for fans of death metal looking for something just a little bit different.

If you enjoyed “The Contaminated Void” you’ll like “Rotting Paradise.”

“Rotting Paradise” was produced by Coldworker and mixed/mastered by Dan Swano.

Coldworker is Joel Fornbrant on vocals, Anders Bertilsson on guitars, Daniel Schroeder on guitars, Oskar Palsson on bass, and Anders Jakobson on drums.

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