"Humanity = Destruction: The End is Near" (Crash; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


I've gotta admit I'd never heard of Conspiracy A.D. until their debut "Humanity = Destruction: The End Is Near" landed on my desk. Consequently, I had no idea what to expect. Less than half way through my first spin of "Humanity" it was obvious what I was listening to: death metal. However, this wasn't the usual death metal from the usual spots (i.e. Florida or Canada). Rather, Conspiracy A.D. hail from Italy and have brought a fresh, modern, updated sound to the standard death metal barrage.

Conspiracy A.D. inject a bit more groove into their songs than the average death metal band and, given the sound of the synth-heavy ending track, "Distorted Visions Of A Dying World" just might be ready to add a little more atmosphere to their sound. Hell, even the track "Enslavement" adds a Swedish melodic death thrash style to the band's broad palette.

It's fortunate that Conspiracy A.D., for the most part, keep their songs tight and short. The conciseness of the tracks keep the focus on the songs and their inherent mood.

The CD comes enhanced with a video for "Bloody Revenge."

In the end, Conspiracy A.D.'s "Humanity = Destruction: The End Is Near" is a refreshing, if unspectacular, death metal album.

"Humanity = Destruction: The End Is Near" was produced by Paso and Conspiracy A.D.

Conspiracy A.D. is Davide Sacco on vocals, Marco Galeotti on guitars, Francesco Steri on bass, and Andrea Allodoli on drums.

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