"Somewhere in America" (Atom Records; 2011)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Cornerstone, the Austrian band, reminds me of Pat Benatar and her band. Fronted by a great female rock singer, Cornerstone plays music that can be categorized as hard rock with a lot of pop rock sensibilities. They may not have the irresistible hooks that Benatar's music has but they do have the style and the chops.

And it's not that the band is a Pat Benatar clone (although there are similarities) but rather that Cornerstone is also a terrific band with a powerful female singer. That's what's always made Benatar so great (along with some awesome songwriting): she is an incredible singer with an incredible band.

The songs on "Somewhere in America" are also well-written (while, again, not as hook-laden or as hit-laden as Benatar's material) and run the gamut from fiery hard rockers to soft ballads, like the apparently hugely successful "Right or Wrong" (which, In fact, sounds a little bit like Benatar's "Invincible").

But enough with the Pat Benatar comparisons: "Somewhere in America" is a great album for fans of 80s style rock'n'roll. Yes, sometimes Cornerstone is more pop rock than hard rock (think Heart's "Butterfly" stuff on "Dog and Butterfly") but, overall this is a solid recording from beginning to end.

Cornerstone:  Patricia Hillinger lead vocals; Michael Wachelhofer bass guitar, keyboards and backing vocals; Steve Wachelhofer guitar and backing vocals; Mike Pawlowitsch drums.

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