"The Atavistic Triad" (Dark Symphonies)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

"The Atavistic Triad" is a strange blend of symphonic dark metal and blackened death metal mixed into epic songs that is probably more appropriately known as epic war metal. What intrigues me most about Corvus Corax is their ability to shift between symphonic parts and chaotic parts on the order of an Opeth-styled symphonic metal juggernaut combined with Anteus-styled cold, black metal chaos.

"The Atavistic Triad" is comprised of four songs. Three of the songs are epics and the fourth is a brief somber instrumental as though some exhausted warrior was surveying a field of dead bodies at the conclusion of a battle. 

The arrangements are done well enough to keep the listener engaged in the music no matter what might be happening; that's no mean feat when songs regularly exceed ten minutes in length and average in the 13-minute mark. "Sons Of The Earth" is grandiose in scope and almost seems like a movie soundtrack type of song (not the pop shit; real, honest movie music). "Terminus Est" has an otherworldly intro that makes me think of the movie "Dune," yet also moves through parts that have a militaristic feel that is certainly representative of the phrase 'war metal.' "Mystagogue" even adds a touch of doom and classical influences to the boiling cauldron of evil.

"The Atavistic Triad" is a difficult disc to get into; however, it is rewarding, but it requires patience and effort. 

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