"Two Shots at Glory" (Frontiers Music; SRL. 2024)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Two Shots at Glory" is a compilation album, celebrating the Swedish band's nearly twenty-five years in the rock'n'roll business. Unlike many other compilation albums, however, that contain original recordings of the band's material (plus maybe a new track or two), Crazy Lixx has re-recorded their earlier hits for this album. So, basically, you're getting a fresh perspective on the band's classic sound.

I'm sorry to admit that I haven't listened to much of Crazy Lixx's earlier library, so "Two Shots at Glory" is all new to me. And that says something. Because this album sounds not only like it was recorded just last year, but that it was written just last year. The songs are dynamic and engrossing. You'll be singing along and banging your head by the time you hit track four ("Light's Out"). The sound is like that of the 80s and 90s heavy metal: big guitars, fiery leads, belted vocals and pounding bass and drums. It's party rock that's bigger than life and it's a complete blast to listen to.

Of course, most of the tracks will be familiar to Crazy Lixx fans. New versions of "Lights Out!" "Fire It Up" and "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," sound crisp, fresh and electric here (all identified with a "23" in parentheses so you know they're re-recordings). Also included is a cover version of the unreleased Kiss song, "Sword and Stone" (a "Crazy Nights" demo that was eventually covered by Bonfire and probably others). It's a great tune and Crazy Lixx pumps it up here big time.

"Two Shots of Glory" is a different kind of compilation that at once documents the band's previous work and showcases their current talents. Highly recommended for fans of this genre.

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