"Human Error - Ways to Self-Destruction" (Candlelight USA / Empire Records; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Polish metallers Crionics are a relative newcomer to the metal scene. After a couple of demo releases, the band offered their 2002 studio output on Empire Records: "Human Error – Ways To Self-Destruction." Just 18 months later the disc is getting its proper worldwide release via Candlelight Records.

I was expecting full-on Polish-styled death metal in the vein of Vader and Decapitated. However, Crionics play more of a black metal/death metal style – and it is really pleasing to the ear. Although rooted in death metal, Crionics play with such consistent intensity and speed you could easily say the band's sound incorporates healthy doses of straightforward thrash and a hint of early-era Gothenburg-inspired melodic speed/death metal. The keyboards, for the most part, remain in the background but when they make their appearances they’re unforgettable. 

While most of the tracks are consistent and successfully merge the black/death metal styles, the track "Waterfalls Of Darkness" is probably my favorite because it combines the intensity of Emperor with the fluid melodies of recent era Dimmu Borgir. Although not available on my promotional copy, I am aware that Crionics covered Carpathian Forest’s self-titled track on the official release of "Human Error – Ways To Self-Destruction."

"Human Error – Ways To Self-Destruction" does not offer anything new, but it is done really well. Crionics’ relative youth and inexperience are not evident on "Human Error – Ways To Self-Destruction" and from the sounds of it Crionics will soon be a band to be reckoned with. I see only great things from the band in the future.

"Human Error – Ways To Self-Destruction" was produced by Crionics and mixed/mastered by Slawek & Wojtek Wieslascy. The production is stunningly clear and polished – a fine effort.

Crionics: Michal "Waran" Skotniczny on vocals and guitars, Marek "Marcotic" Kowalski on bass, Waclaw "Vacv" on keyboards, and Maciek "Darkside" Kowalski on drums.

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