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"Crowned in Terror" (Metal Blade)
"Deathrace King" (Metal Blade)
"Possessed 13" (Metal Blade Records)

"Possessed 13" (Metal Blade Records; 2003)

Reviewed by Snidermann

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This is the third release by The Crown that I have reviewed and I am still blown away by this this totally awesome band. 

From the very first track, their musical talent and astounding songwriting ability marks The Crown as a premiere force in heavy metal music today. This band from Sweden just keeps getting better and better.

The Crown is for real and rocks like no other. With the return of original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, the vocals are hard and gritty, yet still understandable (unlike too many other extreme bands). This gets high marks in my book! The Crown rocks throughout this entire CD with their brutal interpretation of the death metal sound. 

If you like your rock balls-to-the-walls with no excuses and no fucking bullshit, The Crown's "Possessed 13" is for you! It hasn't left my CD player since it showed up in my inbox!

The Crown: Magnus Olselt - bass; Johan Lindstrand - vocals; Janne Saarenpää - drums; Marko Tervonen - guitar; Marcus Sunesson - guitar. 

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"Crowned In Terror" (Metal Blade Records)

Reviewed by Snidermann

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I have been a major fan of The Crown since I first heard "Deathrace King" in 2000. Now, with the long-anticipated release of their follow-up CD, "Crowned In Terror," this band shows just what they are made of. 

Aggression, power and great songwriting ability makes The Crown one of the best metal bands around today. Listening to The Crown is like being dropped into the eye of a hurricane - it may sound harmless at the beginning but the maelstrom is just around the corner. 

The Crown is what heavy metal music is all about: strong, intense music that makes you want to bleed just by listening to it. Inspired by the Crown, I have invented a new diet called "Losing Weight by Listening to the Crown." Seriously, the total aggression of this band will make you drop pounds just by fucking listening to this shit. 

The Crown's music never stops moving, from all angles, all the time. There is nothing light and easy about this band. The vocals by new vocalist Tomas Lindberg are a bit darker and grittier than his predecessor and take about half a song to get used to. Then, they rock!

The Crown's music is alive and vibrant and is yet another shot in the arm of metal music. Bands like The Crown are the reason I love heavy music in the first place. 

The Crown: Tomas Lindberg – Vocals; Magnus Olsfelt – Bass; Marko Tervonen, – Guitar; Marcus Sunesson – Guitar; Janne Saarenpää – Drums. 

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Deathrace King" (Metal Blade Records; 2000)

Reviewed by Snidermann

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The Crown is a maelstrom of heavy metal images projected forth from the CD like a roller coaster with a wild hornets nest in your lap along for the ride. Loud, fast, screeching, on-the-edge heavy metal that never - and I mean never - lets up. And what do you do then? Put it back in the CD player and go for another fast and furious ride. 

This Swedish metal band delivers heavy music like it was meant to be: in-your-face metal with no let up throughout.  

This music is not recommended for the weak of heart, but for those strong enough to face the dark side of metal. The Crown rocks, moves, and has soul. Best of all, it has decibels and aggression. 

The Crown is Magnus Olsfelt - bass; Johan Lindstrand - vocals; Marko Tervonen - guitar; Marcus Sunesson - guitar and Janne Saarenpaa - drums. 

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