"Paradise Found" (Demo; 2011)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Cruxiter's demo is a promising glimpse of the band although, with only three songs, of course, you can’t get the whole picture. Still, the three songs that are here are pretty much in the Iron Maiden style (sometimes a little too much) with galloping rhythms and driving guitar sounds.

Lead vocalist Joe Gonzalez sounds like a cross between Bruce Dickinson and Matthew Sweet from Stryper – an interesting combination that works very well. The production value could be a little better but, of course, this is just a demo.

The final track is more of a power ballad the type of which you’ve heard from Judas Priest (a la “Blood Red Skies”) and that’s where Joe really shines, especially on his “Sweet” side.

"Paradise Found" makes you hungry for more Cruxiter and that's exactly what a good demo should do.

Cruxiter: Joe Gonzalez - lead vocals; Miggy Ramirez - lead guitar; Andy Gonzalez - bass guitar; Carlos Llanas - guitar; Rick Ortiz - drums.

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