"Brother" (Columbia; 1992)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Cry Of Love brought back traditional radio rock during a time in the 90s when solid music was welcomed to combat all the clamoring one-hit wonders.

At you first listen to "Brother," you might hear Chris Robinson or Billy Squier singing  the lead vocal spot in this band, but it’s Kelly Holland, who also possesses a gritty voice and belts out soulful tunes with a classic 70s riff master backing him. Standing to the right of Holland was guitar man Audley Freed. He was later recruited by The Black Crowes to axe sling, and you can hear some of that future playing on this disc. Audley’s riffs and licks are a combination of British hard rock with solid Southern staples. He doesn’t rip up the stage all the time but his playing reminds you of the reason music is meant to be played: it’s to capture a gut feeling.

Cry Of Love scored a #1 hit with “Peace Pipe” and followed that with “Bad Thing,” another chart topper. I’ll agree those tunes are the standout cuts but it's best to give the whole album a listen. I’m sure you’ll find a few songs that will move up your list of personal Top Tens. Although the band only released two albums in the 90s, they still left a mark on music that deserves a nod.

Cry of Love: Kelly Holland – vocals; Audley Freed – guitar; Robert Kearns – bass; Jason Patterson – drums.

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