"The Grand Torturers of Hell" (Deathgasm; 2001)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Originally released in 2001 on the now-defunct War Hammer Records label, Cult of Daath get a second chance to expose their ultra raw, ultra heavy, and ultra evil black metal release “The Grand Torturers of Hell” for the masses from the combined efforts of the Battle Kommand and Deathgasm labels.

“The Grand Torturers of Hell,” is, for the lack of a better phrase, old-school black metal that revels in its own simplicity and single-mindedness. This is both a blessing and a curse – a blessing in a way that admiration exudes from this writer’s appreciation for the band’s efforts to stick to something with a genuine historical bent but also a curse as sometimes the disc gets a little too monotonous.

Cult of Daath covers black metal underground legends Beherit’s “Sadomatic Rites” (this track also appears on the original pressing) and may be the album’s best recording. A bonus track, “Terror Command,” appears at the end of the disc and is the album’s best recording as it epitomizes the band’s approach in streamlined way that exudes the power that old-school
black metal was originally known for.

Black metal purists who appreciate the darker and more brutal side of the genre will find a lot more to like in “The Grand Torturers of Hell” than I did.

“The Grand Torturers of Hell” was recorded, remixed, and remastered Cult of Daath at Underdark Studios.

Cult of Daath: C. Immortum and W. Obscurum.

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"The Grand Torturers of Hell" (Deathgasm; 2001)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Good Lord! I thought I was journeying through Dante’s Inferno! But, alas, I was only listening to this re-release of Cult of Daath's "The Grand Torturers of Hell" (what a great name for a release!). 

The music here sounds like Motorhead with a pinch of Slayer and a bit of Cannibal Corpse. The presentation is dark and full of sinister images that make it fun and evil. 

This is music with teeth and it rocks hard. "The Grand Torturers of Hell" is better served very loud; that's when you really get the entire package!

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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