"Complex" (Self-produced; 2008)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Cyanide 4 are a glam outfit from Athens, Greece who at times remind me of some bands from Sweden; Crashdiet is the main one that comes to mind.

Cyanide 4 have the older hard rock style down, but there is bit more pop and polish to the sound as well. The first three songs are all of the mid-tempo variety. The opener, "Hide in the Shadow," opens with a big groove and some catchy melodies as well. Next up is "Bad Love Parade" which is a quite a bit heavier and has kind of a Motley Crue by way of Crashdiet sound. Still Cyanide 4 shows a good control of the pace and the vocals are even better here than on the opener. "Temptation Failed" blasts on with a slightly offbeat riff that drew my attention in right away. This is the best played song on the album and also the one where I think Cyanide 4 shows the most hints of defining their own sound. The closer is a "Cyanide" which has the band slowing things down at first, but it soon becomes heavier. This one reminds me some of Loud 'N Nasty and maybe even early LA Guns. Again, they do a fine job of managing the pace on this song.

The playing and the vocals are certainly strong plus they bring a healthy dose of attitude to the mix. They also have the ability to really bring out the big hooks in their songs. The only real problem I see is that in the crowded glam field of today these are going to have to find a way to really define their own sound in order to rise above the pack. "Temptation Failed" certainly showed that they have the talent and ideas to move to the next level.

I know that this band has not been around for very long, but they are certainly on their way to potentially promising career.

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