"Radiate" (Self-produced; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Ever since The Cult's "Beyond Good And Evil" was released in June 2001 I've often taken time to put aside the heavy metal and extreme metal that I often listen to so I can simply kick back and enjoy good ol' rock'n'roll for a change (usually a much needed change). Along with The Cult, I consider bands like Moke, Alice In Chains, King's X, and Stone Temple Pilots to be rock'n'roll with an edge. While Cybil donít necessarily fit in with those other bands, they do provide the same kind of vibe.

Cybil's brand of modern rock with alt-rock leanings isn't my normal cup of tea, but as I'd mentioned before sometimes I just like to listen to rock'n'roll and Cybil fits the bill. I was familiar with many of the songs on "Radiate" due to, of course, having seen the band at local shows a few times over the last couple of years. However, reviewing something produced in a more clinical environment such as studio allows for more analysis and careful thought.

"Reset" finds the band digging deep into the sound and style that King's X have made so familiar and even echo the non-grunge version of Pearl Jam. "Residue," the only song from the "Crumbs" EP to make it to the full-length debut in a re-recorded form, explodes with vibrant production. The title track, the shortest number in the bunch, also recalls the quieter Pearl Jam tunes without copying the Seattle kings. Disc opener "So Long" features what may soon be called the 'prototypical' Cybil melodic bridge. The dark and moody "Precious Friend" shows the band's ability to play a style that's 'less than happy' yet not too depressive. "Gremlins" rocks out and sounds a lot like Ray Alderís solo project Engine. "Whither" has a depth of emotion only hinted at on the "Crumbs" EP, but is in full bloom here.

My only complaint is that the songs tend to be a bit longer than they need to be; however, as I'd mentioned before Cybil rarely repeat themselves so it is minor complaint.

Fans of alt-rock and modern rock will find something to appreciate in Cybil's blend of hard rhythms, intoxicating melodies, and solid songs. "Radiate" gives everyone a lot to listen to. The bottom line is that Cybil has delivered a solid effort with "Radiate."

"Radiate" was produced by Cybil, mixed and mastered by Les Lentz, and recorded by Sam Whylee. All the work surrounding the production, mixing, and recording is well-above average for an independent release. It's very apparent a lot of time and care went into crafting "Radiate."

Cybil is Bill Hughes on guitars and vocals, Rod Toliver on guitar, Paul Rudzinski on bass and background vocals, and Jayson Holweck on drums. Todd Robert also contributed guitar.

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"Crumbs" (Self-produced; 2000)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Every now and then I just like to step back and listen to rock'n'roll.  Cybil fits my rock'n'roll cravings as the band's modern rock appeal is refreshing and arresting. Cybil should garner a huge listening audience with the right exposure, exuberant determination, and continued development of strong songs.

"Crumbs" is a five-song mini-CD that follows on the heels of 1999's self-produced "A Pocket Full Of Lint." "Crumbs" showcases the band's heavy melodic approach with modern sensibilities.

"Residue" and "All On Me" have a sound that combines Finger Eleven with Doug Pinnick-like vocals bolstered by heavy breakdowns. The left-of-center hooks of "Undo" are quite catchy. "Sunny Days," sporting a strong Galactic Cowboys influence, has radio airplay written all over it. "Wanna Be" has the potential to be the band's calling card to the majors as it is a stellar example of modern hard rock song-writing. 

"Crumbs" was produced by Cybil and engineered by Mark "Spyke" Stewart. 

Cybil is Bill Hughes on guitar and lead vocals, Paul Rudzinski on bass and backing vocals, Jayson Holweck on drums, and Todd Robert on guitar and backing vocals.

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